Coffee Like in September


Coffee bars
in Russia and the CIS


coffee bars

$24 million

Sales revenue
in the chain

10 012 900

in the chain

Coffee bars opened this month

Business in the «coffee to go» format

5 000 $/month
An average revenue of a coffee bar
32 000 $/month
Maximum revenue of a coffee bar
1 – 3 months
Time to operating revenue
from 6 months
Time to payoff
An average retail margin

What do you get by becoming a partner of Coffee Like

Working under the recognizable brand

Today Coffee Like it is - 665 coffee bars in 142  in Russia and the CIS. It is the largest chain in the «coffee to go» segment. People know us, recommend and become our frequent guest.

Our marketing strategy has been tested and proven to be effective:

The menu is ideally balanced in terms of breadth of assortment and margin
For many years our loyalty program turns regular guests into frequent ones
We actively attract traffic to coffee bars through social networks in every city, where there is Coffee Like
We provide ready-made layouts for each special offer, promotion, or change of seasonal menu

We will develop a project of your coffee bar

You will receive a completed project: 3D view of the coffee bar, floor plan with dimensions, plan of equipment placement, general design solutions.

At the stage of design we take into account a stream of people, placement, ergonomics and our service and design standards.

Business model steadily increasing profit

  1. 1«Coffee to go» is a high retail margin on beverages, small costs of maintaining a coffee bar and large buying frequency.
  2. 2In the public catering segment our niche is very stable and shows growth even in crisis. And the high margins smooth the cost fluctuations.
  3. 3Coffee as our primary product does not require promotion and huge advertising budgets. It is understandable, desirable, and easily addicted to.
  4. 4The number of sold cups per person increases in proportion to the number of coffee bars.
  5. 5Consistently high quality product and the best service throughout the chain make the guests permanent.

Knowledge transfer

Pleasing our guests by always delicious coffee and pleasant atmosphere in any coffee bar is important for us. Therefore, we share the knowledge on how to properly open and further develop your business.

You will have access to the knowledge base with ready-made instructions, videos, layouts, and useful tools.

We can share some information right now.


Coffee Like values and mission

Where to search for answers to questions??

Company structure

Algorithm for setting tasks in Bitrix24


Gift card sales statistics

Standard layouts

Effectiveness of the special offer "Get the 2nd cup as a gift" during opening a coffee bar

 Quality control
Quality control

The mechanics of rating on the "Standards" website

Quality assessment criteria

Instruction for mystery guests»

Regulations for partners to familiarize themselves with inspections

Guidelines on self-organization of checks by mystery guests

 Training and staff
Training and staff

"The path of coffee" training program

Instructions for finding and hiring baristas

Rules for the care of equipment

Regulations on the calculation of wages and motivation of baristas


a total of
articles in the knowledge base
 Products and equipment
Products and equipment

Where and how to order products and equipment?

"Idealist Connector" mini-computer

Possible breakage of coffee machines and how to fix them

Suppliers list


ERP manual "How to start working"

ERP manual "Creating and working with the main warehouse"

ERP manual "Creating special offers"


Coffee bars code in ERP


Algorithm for identifying guest needs

Beverage cost calculator

Seasonal menu "Feel the autumn" 2017

Video seasonal menu "Feel the autumn"

The assortment of "Souvenirs"


SMM strategy

Guidelines for design of VKontakte groups

Content-plan for Instagram

SMM-preview of the "Feel the autumn" menu

Ongoing training

Working by the Coffee Like franchise is a constant learning and development. At the stage of preparation for the opening of your coffee bar you will pass an online course in our learning system. Then we will invite you and your barista to Izhevsk to attend our advanced course. In four days you will learn the history of coffee, all the details of its preparation, how to communicate with guests, and much more. After opening the coffee bar, we will offer you a course in «Human resource management».

All of your new barista will also have to complete the online course and can come to Izhevsk for advanced training.

We also hold regular gatherings of partners, where we share the company development plans and get to know each other.

Coffee bar management technologies

Partners control the processes in the coffee bar by our ERP system. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Add baristas and managers, define their rights in the system, salaries and bonuses accounting, control over baristas’ shifts.
  • Create and customize desks, balance control and collection.
  • Receipt of goods at the warehouse, moving, auditing and write off.
  • Create and edit coffee bar menus.
  • Creation of special offers.
  • Adding counterparties.

ERP provides a clear understanding of the real time coffee bar indicators: the number and amount of transactions, sold beverages, income and expense, inventory status, statistics on the guests, the efficiency of the barista, and much more.

How manager sees the chain
How barista sees the desk

Everyday support

We seek to ensure that the partner can open up and begin to make profit as quickly as possible. So when we open a new coffee bar, we help partners at every stage, reducing their risks and costs.

We are also continually improving our business model, making it more profitable. As a result, partners have a steady increase in profits.

Opening stories

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Get a detailed business plan for your coffee bar development with monthly income and expenditure trends for one year ahead

665 coffee bars in 142 cities in Russia and the CIS